To give you all a little taste of what you can hear and see at Abbadia Mare Renaissance Festival this coming July, I’m going to do a blog post every week to introduce one vendor and one performer (although this week, Antika Nueva although is really a vendor, she also happens to be a story teller too).

Antika Nueva ( has really great soaps, goos (yes, they are called goos) that are actualy salves that help heal your skin or your ailments, along with fantastic wire jewelry and cloak pins.  On her website you can find more of what she sells, but she is very careful of what she puts into her salves and is very knowledgeable when it comes to herbalistic medicine.  She is also a very good story teller that can tell you a few tales to young and old alike so she’ll be performing as Kate the Story Teller during the day as well.

Tom Foolery ( ) is a fantastic silly magician that is fabulous with young kids and older folks as well.  He makes sure that he puts a smile on your face while being entertaining at the same time.  He and his wife (Suzy Magoozy) have been performing for kids all around New England at Libraries and public schools (and at parties too, so do look them up for party ideas, especially if you have young kids!).

We hope that this gives you a little taste (at least for now) of what will be going on at Abbadia Mare (oh there is more coming, I promise).