We just wanted to say Thank You to ALL who came, posted, promoted, helped in any way for our little festival at Hammond Castle.

We also learned a lot when it came to the City of Gloucester, (http://www.gloucester-ma.gov) who we want to thank for all their assistance and kindness to us for our first year of learning curves.

We also want to give a Big Shout OUT to Atlantic ATM out of Ipswitch, MA (http://www.atlanticatm.com) who came out to Hammond Castle (http://www.hammondcastle.org) and figured out a way to get a signal so that people could get $$ out to pay vendors/castle, and also for food!

The Friday prior for our set up was brutal due to the 106 temps outside as well as the not so lovely green head flies that constantly kept biting all of us (oh and there seemed like 1000’s of them in that awful heat) – but we had plenty of water on hand and everyone in the crew took breaks.

Saturday was a little slow due to the heat, but we still managed to have a good time with all the performers and no matter where you went, there was always something going on.

Sunday was much better day all around, we had to make a few minor adjustments (which we did, for the better of the festival, I mean, who knew that tables facing the overlook to eat food would be so fantastic!) – we ended with 26 vendors all over the Castle (inside and out).

There are pictures up on Facebook everywhere, and there are a lot of videos up from YouTube – so look for them!

The totals to the castle was $8,699 (anyone have a buck? Just kidding) – so all in all grand success for our first year!

Thank you to all our performers, vendors and of course our amazing Cast and Crew!  Without you, we don’t know where we would be!

Hip Hip Huzzah!