1. Guy Todd – wandering harpist
  2. Kate the Story Teller – Kate of Antika Nueva tells stories to young and old
  3. Dirge Queen – sings dirges and other songs
  4. Wyck’s Pleasurably Painful Show http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/pages/The-World-Of-Wyck/122944067719960?sk=wall – fire breathing and other crazy tricks
  5. Diabolis in Musica http://www.diabolisinmusica.com/index.html – authentic Renaissance and Medieval type music with instruments of the period
  6. Tom Foolery http://www.fooltales.com/Fooltales/main.html?src=%2FFooltales%2Findex.html#1,0 – magician for young and old alike
  7. Granny Gruesome’s Gleeful Tales http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/pages/Granny-Gruesomes-Gleeful-Tales/101890523190737 – Stories and singing about gruesome tales, great for all ages
  8. Misfits of Avalon http://www.misfitsofavalon.com/ – amazing musicians that include their very talented kids!
  9. Iron Hill Vagabonds – talented duo of Irish singers, one with a fiddle
  10. The Harper and The Minstrel http://www.theharperandtheminstrel.com/ – lovely duet with harp and flute (sometimes guitar)