1. The Stone Lady http://thestonelady.net/ – doing readings using stones.
  2. Mehndi Spirit http://mehndispirit.webs.com/ – beautiful Henna
  3. Mei Mei of Lexington http://www.meimeioflexington.com/index.html – lovely jewelry
  4. Lady Feyline’s Fantastickal Faces http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/pages/Lady-Feylines-Fantastickal-Faces/104348576263708 – face painting for young and old
  5. Cornerstone Creations http://www.myspace.com/gargoylepete – lovely concrete items to show off in your garden or home
  6. Ironwood Artisans http://www.ironwoodartisans.com/ – woodworking, hand made toys and jewelry
  7. Aetas Designs http://aetasdesigns.com/aetas/ – hand made clothing and fabrics
  8. Antika Nueva http://www.antikanueva.com/ – hand made soaps, wire jewelry, goos to relieve problems (great stuff) and other stuff
  9. Treasures – wooden trays, sock monkeys dressed like pirates and more
  10. Lost Art Chains http://www.lostartchains.com/ – chain maille
  11. Legendary Leather Crafts http://www.legendaryleathercrafts.com/ – hand made leather masks and more
  12. Silver Leaf Leather http://silverleaf-leather.com/ – Leather armor, leather braces, mugs, skirt holders, and more
  13. Emazanti Creations – hand made clothing and some jewelry
  14. Esme’s Heart Pockets http://www.alisonsmagick4.com/ – little pockets filled with charms, readings, and kilt pins
  15. Cucina Aurora http://www.cucinaaurora.com/ – fused olive oils, dipping sauces and seasonings
  16. MoonDragon Designs http://www.moondragondesigns.com/store/index.php – wire jewelry
  17. Cucina Dolce aka The Brownie Goddess http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/pages/Cucina-Dolce/150047661699358?v=wall – yummy brownies